VIP Services

AirStMaarten offers two types of VIP Services to its discerning clients who want a hassle-free transit through the Princess Juliana International SXM Airport (PJIA), with no standing in line; with access to the comfort of a VIP or Business Class lounge; expedited immigration service, customs and security screening clearance; fast luggage retrieval and porter assistance; and smooth transfers to their outbound flights or escort to their waiting groundtransportation vehicles to take them in style to their accommodations on the island.

Premium VIP Services

With our Premium VIP Services, we will meet clients at the jetbridge when they arrive on the inbound leg with a name sign holding up. We will then escort them and put them up in the VIP Lounge while we clear them through Immigration and retrieve their luggage for them.

If you book the Premium VIP Package for the outbound leg, we will meet them when they arrive at the airport, check them in, escort them through security and put them up in the Soualiga Business Class Lounge until their flight is ready for boarding. At boarding time, they will be escorted to the boarding gate.

Regular VIP Services

With the regular VIP Services clients report to our Transit Information Desk themselves after deboarding and meet our VIP Services Agent there who will then assist them further. This regular VIP Service does not include the use of the VIP Lounge nor the Soualiga Business Class Lounge. If clients want to use the Soualiga Business Class Lounge, an entrance fee is per person charged.

To book any of our VIP Services, we require the following information:

Names of passengers

Dates of Birth

Passport numbers

Issue dates (of passports)

Expiration dates (of passports)

Click here to download our VIP Services brochure.


Connection Flight Information

Besides the above connection flight information, such as airline name, flight numbers, arrival time and departure time, we will also need the full names of all the passengers, their dates of birth and passport numbers. If you wish to add VIP Services to your reservation, we will also need the issue dates, expiration dates and nationalities of the passengers.

Regular Assist, Escort and Luggage Transfer (one-way)

Regular Assist, Escort and Luggage Transfer (roundtrip)

Premium Meet & Greet at the Jetbridge (inbound flight)

Transfer from Airport to Accommodations

Luggage Pick Up from Accommodations

Transfer from Accommodations to Airport

Pre-Check-In Service (outbound flight)

Access to Business Class Lounge

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